Opinion #10: Radio Stations

by Jennifer Has Opinions

I don’t actually have an opinion about radio stations in general, mostly this is a post about how I think that there should be (at least in my local market) a radio station devoted solely to show tunes.  That’s right, show tunes.  Like this:

Or this:

Or best of all, this:

This is what I want to listen to in the car.  Not pop country. Not hilariously bad Christian. Not cleaned-up rap, and not Bruno Mars.  You already know where I stand on Coldplay.  I’m done with soft rock and classic rock and lesbian rock. If I have hear one more boring-ass song from some indie male songwriter that sounds just like all the other boring-ass songs from indie male songwriters, I’ll shove hot pokers into my ears.

I want Broadway.  I want it in my car, on shuffle (no cd’s), with advertisements (no iPod).  I want it without having to buy satellite radio or figure out Pandora or Spotify.  I want to be able to end every commute with jazz hands.  And because I am young-ish and American, I feel that I should be able to have what I want.

Anyone out there with me on this?  Sometimes a girl just wants to car-waltz.  Or better yet, car-dance-battle!